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Rising Star: Kay Diinero

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Up-and-Coming Young Black Entrepreneur Taking Over Chicago

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1. What is your name?

“Kay Diinero.”

2. Would you rather have ?50k in cash or a perfect credit score, and why?

“A perfect credit score because with that even if I had the 50k in cash I’d invest it accordingly but then again I could get 50k or more in an advanced loan having a perfect score.”

3. Who is your favorite producer?

“Cash Money Ap.”

4. Are you a touring artist or a recording artist?

“I’m currently a recording artist moving towards touring.”

5. Have you ever thought about quitting music?

“A few times being frustrated or family members non believers but then I came to believe more in myself than what they thought or said.”

6. Favorite Era of music?


7. Do you plan on traveling?

“Yes, I plan on traveling, definitely need to live a little.”

8. Are you an independent artist or are you signed or under any management?

“I’m an independent artist.”

9. What was your most memorable concert, did you perform at it?

“My most memorable concert was DJ Tarzan’s The Big Showcase IN Secaucus NJ It Was 400 plus everytime.”

10. What was your biggest challenge that you had to overcome during your music career, so far?

“Being on stage preforming live in front of alot of people and coming face to face or evening interacting with major artists on a level meaning your making moves happen. So far believing has been achieving for me.”

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