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Raphael Gnn: If You’re Not Passionate About Your Craft, Its Time You Look for Another Profession

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Artists have many things in common, and one of them is passion. Raphael Gnn believes that a
musician without passion is like a person without a soul. No matter how much an artist might
try to conceal a lack of passion, others are going to pick up on it immediately. This is why
Raphael staunchly believes that if you do not have at least a spark of passion for your craft, you
need to take up another profession.

When a piece of music lacks passion, emotion, or even meaning, people are going to pick up on
this. It will sound hollow and probably won’t make a positive impact on listeners.

Unfortunately, many “artists” put out highly commercialized work simply meant to be catchy
and sell a lot of albums. The craft takes second place to profits, and Raphael Gnn has strong
feelings about music for the sake of money.

Like most commercial musicians, Raphael Gnn set out with a dream of making a comfortable
living from his passion. While the music, and the experiences behind it, always comes first,
countless people hope to turn what they love into their livelihood. The difference is whether or
not you “sell out” and profits become more important than your passion. This is where Raphael
draws the line and sees that emotional void of music without passion.

Some musicians and audiences are completely fine with synthetic commercial work that lacks
passion, depth, and emotion. Raphael Gnn is not one of these people and refuses to fall into
that trap. He feels that no self-respecting artist would ever release something that does not

have at least a sliver of passion driving it. After all, we experience a tremendous range of
emotions that are the basis for amazing music. There is no need to ever put out a song that
doesn’t reflect at least one of these emotions.

Music is passion, and our passions lead to the creation of music. It is a symbiotic relationship.
Raphael Gnn believes that artists are free to produce whatever they like, but he will not be
putting out work that lacks emotion. While others might decide to sell out, this musician
refuses to take that route.

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