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DJ Vlad Gets Nipped: Behind the Scenes of Boosie Badazz’s Wild Encounter


DJ Vlad, the maestro of raw and unfiltered hip-hop interviews, found himself in an unexpected predicament before his sit-down with Boosie Badazz. As he was gearing up for their latest tête-à-tête, Vlad got more than he bargained for when Boosie’s formidable Cane Corso decided to make its presence known – with a nip.

Taking to the digital streets of X, Vlad didn’t hold back in sharing the juicy details of his canine encounter. “Boosie’s dog bit me before our interview yesterday,” he boldly declared, complete with a snapshot of the furry culprit. The image showcased Boosie’s beloved Cane Corso, a beast with an imposing presence that matched its owner’s persona.

But Vlad wasn’t done stirring the pot just yet. Doubling down on his claim, he reiterated his canine calamity, proving that even the most seasoned interviewers aren’t immune to the unexpected. Despite the bite, Vlad remained unfazed, opting for memes over lawsuits, and adding a sprinkle of humor to the mix with an iconic Friday movie reference.

Beyond the bite, Vlad’s encounter highlights the unpredictable nature of the hip-hop interview scene. It’s a reminder that behind the glitz and glamour lies a world where even man’s best friend can throw a curveball. But amidst the chaos, Vlad’s resilience shines through, proving that a good laugh can smooth out even the roughest edges of a situation.

As for Boosie, the rapper has yet to break his silence on the matter, leaving fans speculating about his thoughts on his furry companion’s unexpected antics. Nevertheless, it’s safe to assume that Boosie will be keeping a closer leash on his four-legged friend in future interviews, ensuring a bite-free zone for all involved.

In the end, DJ Vlad’s unexpected encounter with Boosie’s Cane Corso adds a dash of spice to the world of hip-hop interviews. It’s a reminder that behind every headline lies a story, and sometimes, that story comes with teeth.

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