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Offset’s Directorial Debut: Inside Cardi B’s ‘Like What’ Music Video


Cardi B’s return to the hip-hop scene has been nothing short of explosive, with her latest single “Like What (Freestyle)” setting fire to the charts. But what’s got everyone buzzing even more is the fact that her hubby, Offset, took the reins as the director for the accompanying music video. The Bardigang, always quick to react, is abuzz with opinions ranging from excitement to skepticism. Is this a sign that Offset is back in good graces with Cardi’s loyal fanbase?

The power couple, known for their ups and downs, had fans on edge when they hit the unfollow button on each other’s Instagram accounts a few months back. But like true royalty of rap, they’ve managed to patch things up and come back stronger than ever. Offset’s involvement in “Like What” doesn’t just signal a professional collaboration but also a personal reconciliation.

While some fans express sheer delight at seeing Offset back in the picture, others approach the situation with a more cautious optimism. However, one thing’s for sure – the numbers don’t lie. Within hours of its release, the music video has already amassed over 750,000 views on YouTube, catapulting it to the second spot on the trending charts.

But beyond the numbers, there’s a deeper story at play here. Offset’s directorial debut offers a glimpse into the couple’s dynamic, showcasing not just their artistic collaboration but also their journey of growth and resilience. From the gritty streets of New York to the glitz and glamour of the music industry, “Like What” serves as a testament to the power of love, creativity, and second chances.

As Cardi B and Offset continue to dominate the airwaves, one thing is clear – the Bardigang is here for it all, riding the waves of their favorite couple’s rollercoaster journey with unwavering support and enthusiasm.

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