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Pine Bluff Arkansas Own “YTK JAY” is the Artist to Watch in 2023!!! He’s only 19?!!!

“YTK JAY” Born Jaylon Jamar Tyler is an independent Recording Artist from Pine Bluff Arkansas and Was Raised By His Grandfather and Grandmother Jaylon got started with music early on he knew he loved music he’s had a microphone in his hand since 3 years old by always singing blues and R&B with his grandfather and grandmother at home and he took a liking to it he went to his first recording studio in 3rd grade with his grandfather and Jaylon instantly loved the whole setup he didn’t record but he enjoyed just being there then the movie let it shine came out and the movie was more proof and motivation that he should take music seriously years later I’m 6th grade YTK JAY wrote his first song titled Ashley which he made about his crush he also rapped songs with his father and it motivated the young star even more but then Jaylon lost his father and it hit him hard he went through a depression which made him put his pain inside the music along with other life struggles through his early teen years he released his first official single in 8th grade it didn’t get any traction but he kept going releasing a lot of songs throughout his high school years performing on the moss fest tour in 2021 and finally fast forward to 2022 he graduated high school while finally getting a small fan base with tracks like Rumors and My Story but still very small until the summer of 2022 he met the CEO of SwaggerTownRecords who’s also an artist who’s name is Jake strain got Jaylon on some big placements and his career started to skyrocket independently since then now his Single “Girlfriend” Peaked At #67 and #170 on the AirPlay Charts he’s along side big company with artists like Britney Spears & Olivia Rodrigo he has also been featured in ThisIs50 50 cents Website  ,The CloutMagazine,HipHop Paradise & Prove Magazine and more YTK JAY also Auditioned To Be an Contestant On The TV Show “The Fashion Hero” and Also had Auditions With “Barbizon Modeling and Acting” Along with Getting His VEVO Channel and Catching The Attention of Artists On Major Labels It’s Definitely YTK JAY’s Time he’s only 19 years old He’s The Leader Of The New Wave of Arkansas Music He says his goal is to make generational wealth and break generational Curses and Sign a major Record Deal live his life to the fullest and Travel to Japan fun fact that’s Jay’s Favorite place in the world and go platinum making the best pop/rock/rock/HipHop music in the industry and he said in five years he sees his self touring and being a household name and even possibly a motivational speaker for the youth and doing lots of donations to lower income areas and even a Tv Show possibly Love and HipHop

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