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Who is Jxhn Jacxb?

Jxhn Jacxb became a heartthrob with his hip-hop & rap hit “KOBE.” He was inspired to make music by his cousins since he was around 12 years old. Jxhn was so good that he was way beyond the musicians twofold his age at that time. He got his first taste of fame in high school, where he organized “The Bird Boys.” He assembled several other aspiring artists and organized competitive rap battles to sharpen each other’s skills.

Early Life and Career

Jxhn Jacxb grew up in Hammond, Indiana, where he was raised by his single mother. A child prodigy, Jxhn found his inspiration at age 12 when his cousin Justin, then 15, produced and recorded “My Korrupt Thoughts,” an album dedicated to Three 6 Mafia. He went on to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. During college, he was charged with a 100-song challenge by his colleague Andrew Jean-Baptiste, which took him countless hours of writing, recording and soliciting features, ending his college career with a collaborative project “|M.O.E.T.| Presents: No I In Team.”
In an interview, Jxhn says:Most of my music reflects having a great time with the people I love. On the other hand, my music represents overcoming obstacles and becoming who you’re meant to be”.  

Career Breakthrough

Jxhn’s latest single, “KOBE” is quickly heading toward a platinum record, a song he originally penned to Kobe Bryant’s life. After Kobe’s death, Jxhn as an artist thought of creating a song to honor his life. Jxhn’s musical talent has made him a mainstream artist. Upon earning his college diploma, Jxhn began booking shows around Atlanta and became a fixture of open mic night at Club Crucial at an instant. He got his boost in confidence after receiving a revered response from the audience for his signature song, “Throw That A$$ Back.”

Personal Life & Journey

Raised by a single mother, Jxhn faced several challenges in his life. Distress and violence was nothing new to him, things typically associated with impoverished communities. A mind in perpetual motion, combined with experiences that bred a litany of mythological type parables, his maneuvers could only be conceived through a polygamous relationship between tragedy, irony, and serendipity.

Jxhn’s father was a millionaire businessman who lived in Carmel, IN, a posh suburb of Indianapolis. Due to a neighborhood quarrel, Jxhn’s mother sent him to live with his father at 13. They felt it was no longer safe for Jxhn to grow up in that neighborhood.

Jxhn aspires to have a career like Jimmy Iovine. He’s been inspired by Jimmy to the point where he has watched the HBO miniseries “The Defiant Ones” several times.

Being a musical enthusiast, Jxhn has more than 100 projects on his phone, though he is officially working on 3 projects. This includes a song dedicated to his own life. He has the forethought to release 5 to 10 new singles this year.Connect with Jxhn Jacxb on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jxhnjacxb or his website https://www.jxhnjacxblive.com.

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