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Tommy Martin Jr. , a 22 Year old producer & artist from Detroit, MI also known as (Thomasmbeats). He is up next as one of the most versatile producers from Detroit. He can flip old school music to Detroit type and new generation R&B type beats & makes Trap vibes, Soul vibes, and anything that any artist needs. In comparison with turning old school vibes to the new school wave, Tommy Martin Jr. also has a clothing line coming  Fall 2020 called 90sVintageVibe. This clothing line consists of 90s vintage windbreakers and hoodies jazzed up with some new school swag to it & 90sVV patches. The online store will soon be on his upcoming website but make sure you check out his united masters website to stay updated. Tommy is also an artist as Tommy M & is known mainly for hype trap vibes and occasional R&B songs. Thomasmbeats will have a new Beat Tape on all music streaming sites this Summer called Beats 4 Everybody, Vol. 5 & dropping an album this Summer under the artist name Tommy M on all music streaming sites. He recently wrote a song called “Chill” explaining his journey through the times of almost giving up due to college but decided to go hard with music and still maintain an engineering degree. Go check it out and add him on social media, he has over 20k followers on Instagram  and over 100k plays on Apple Music.


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