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C.LACY: Bringing Back the Real Soul of Impactful R&B, One Song at a Time

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Rhythm and blues, or R&B, is a very popular musical genre. Combining a rhythmic background with the soulful scorch of the blues, it’s hard not to enjoy this sultry form of music. Contemporary R&B artist C.LACY is on a mission to bring true soul back to modern R&B.

With a passion for music, Cory Lacy, aka C.LACY, grew up singing in a church choir. As he got older, he directed his attention to R&B greats like Boyz II Men and Jodeci. Watching these now-classic artists, he knew what he wanted to do with his life. C.LACY began his music career in October of 2017, creating true R&B tracks with a pop twist. His hit single “You Can Do Better” has surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify and finished in the Top 5 in the “Who Wants to Make It” competition. C.LACY is even on the verge of performing at the prestigious ATL Music Awards Weekend in June.

C.LACY is a Texas native who comes from humble beginnings. Raised by a single mother with 4 siblings, he developed a special place in his heart for this demographic and has tremendous respect for women. C.LACY credits his morals and values to his mother and growing up going to church. This instilled a reality into his content complete with lyrics that reflect real life situations and encounters.

Being an independent artist, C.LACY has had to deal with obstacles like shady “business people”. He overcomes such issues by continuing to invest and believe in himself. For up-and-coming artists, his advice is to believe in yourself, build a great team, and stay authentically you.

C.LACY is far from the carbon copy he cautions people to become. If anything, he is a truly genuine voice bringing the soulful note back to R&B that we have not heard in a very long time.

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