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Background Check With New York’s Giovannie Pierre-Louis

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Brooklyn-born Giovannie Pierre-Louis, known professionally as ItsGiovannie comes from a unique background having an Italian mother and Haitian father.She discovered her love of music and the rest was history. ItsGiovannie’s musical talents eventually developed into a fusion of modern sounds mixed with trap and old school scat.

“pulse riddim” might be the most intense arrangement included in Money Talk, Vol. 2, but even in its more aggressive moments, ItsGiovannienever sacrifices tonality just for the sake of fitting in with a mainstream pop model – the opposite, truth be told. The climax here feels like a perfect hybrid of Fugees and Die Antwoord, alluding to hybridity I would love for this artist to play with more in the future – if for no other reason than to see just how far she could push the premise of what she created in this specific song. 


Money Talk, Vol. 2 ends with a full-on nightclub thrasher in “over rated” that has the most radio-ready mix of any song on the disc, but its polish doesn’t overshadow the artistic depth of the material ahead of it in this tracklist by any measurement. From beginning to end, ItsGiovannie sounds like a natural-born superstar in Money Talk, Vol. 2, and if you weren’t already getting excited about her work, I think one peek at this collection of single-quality compositions is going to have you singing quite the different tune. ItsGiovannie has my endorsement, and if you’re into spirited progressive R&B and hip-hop’s more melodic, pop-oriented side, she’s likely going to win yours, too.

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