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Abdullah Mehmood’s Secret to Becoming a Digital Marketing Guru at only 18

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For anyone looking for inspiration to start your own business, sell your crafts online, or make a digital agency, you may want to consider Abdullah Mehmood’s advice with seriousness. Abdullah is a young serial entrepreneur from Asia whose strong work ethic has helped him achieve incredible things in his career.

Abdullah Mehmood is only 18 years old, yet he is a business coach who teaches and guides people online to achieve their goals. Abdullah and his brother, Sikander, are both keen digital marketers. It was Sikander’s passion, degree, and business mind that helped Abdullah begin his social media career.

The determination and drive from Abdullah have set him up in good stead from such a young age. He loves to help people from his own country, Pakistan, as well as from the rest of the world. 

In fact, the young entrepreneur became famous for his efforts in helping people from his country start their own online careers. Abdullah knows that if it could be possible for him, someone who never actually anticipated to be as successful as they are today, then it can be possible for anyone. 

Once Adbullah became recognized in Pakistan for his efforts, his name started to grow worldwide, through his drive and passion, and with help from his brother who moved to Australia.

Abdullah also has a strong online presence, where he works with multiple brands through his Instagram on paid deals, alongside his business coaching. 

For all budding entrepreneurs out there, you should take a leaf out of Abdullah’s book. His advice for those just starting out is to put your head down and work hard for what you want to achieve in your career. His goal is to be productive every day. It has clearly worked for him, as he now has worldwide clients whom he helps set up their dream businesses, typically digital agencies. 

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