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Wingman Of Powercircle Continues to Raise New Heights With His Music

What is your name/stage name?
Wingman Of Powercircle

Where are you from?
Etobicoke, Canada

What do you do?
Music producer

How long have you been making music?
21 years.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

What genre of music do you create?

What was it like working with (collabs?)
A dream come true. I grew up listening to them and when I would work
with them they’d always say I’m a legend haha.

What are some features you have?
Big Twins Of Mobb Deep. Ezza CG. Jo-Rel, Shugz.
Too many to name.

What are some features you want to get?

Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with?
Notorious B.I.G.

Are you signed to a label?

Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or none?
Maybe a distribution deal. Not really sure.

Who are your biggest supporters?
My friend Teala, Jo-Rel, and my cousin Marcus.

Where did your name come from?
I help people with beats, that’s where I got the name from haha.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on Backstrain Vol. 5
A beat tape series I started sometime this year.

What is your latest release?
Backstrain Vol. 2

When is your next release?
Sometime in 2023.

Instagram @WingmanOfPC

Twitter @TheRealWingman_

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