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Many people question how to grow their business and others on how to dominate their market rapidly. Brown Mamba is a rapper at the age of 25 who started his music career while in university. He quickly made moves, such as releasing his first rap music project while still in school. The project constituted a mix-tape of nine songs, and it paved the way for Mamba to make connections in the music industry. He has ever since not turn back but focused on progressing and going for what he loves the most. 

He is passionate about his craft, articulate in his endeavors, and continues to network to establish meaningful relationships in his profession. His virtues have resulted in remarkable achievements that include his new album of 24 songs ranked 19th on the iTunes Hip Hop top 100 and top 200 in overall genres. Other strides involve working with top producers and having features with thriving artists. Follow Mamba on Instagram athttps://www.instagram.com/apbrownmamba.

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