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1,) What was the inspiration behind “KING”?
“The inspiration behind my new single “KING” is the fact that my entire life; I always felt as if there was something driving me to hold myself to very high standards. Like I was some kind of royalty. So even when I was broke, and didn’t have much money; I always presented myself in the best possible light. I would buy shoes, clothes, and other things that I, truthfully, couldn’t afford; because even though I was broke, I still held myself to a really high standard. Even morally; I hold myself to standards that are much higher than most people. I don’t believe in doing wrong onto, or harming others in any kind of way. Unless, of course, it’s an extreme situation; and I must protect myself. Which is why I get so confused when people have negative intentions, and want to do harm to others. As I went through life and dealt with different kinds of people; I would always realize that I was holding myself to a higher standard than everyone else. So one day I said “Well, if I’m the one who’s holding myself to the highest standard, then I must be King.” Because the King has the highest standards of everyone in the kingdom. So I’ve been calling myself King ever since. And till this day, I’ve yet to meet someone who holds themself to higher physical, moral, and mental standards than I do. But, in my opinion, everyone should strive to be a King or Queen; and hold themself to the highest possible standards in every aspect of life. Because that’s the only way to be sure that you’re continuously growing. And that was the inspiration behind “KING”.”
2.) How old were you when you first started your music career and what was it that caused the sudden career path?
2.) “Well, I’ve been writing and rapping ever since I was around 10 years old, but I didn’t decide that I wanted to make music for a living until I was about 21. I was about a year from graduating college with a business degree, and I knew that I had no real desire to work in Corporate America. I didn’t want to have to worry about dress codes and having an authority figure over me. So at the beginning of my last year of college I took out a student loan and used it to buy studio equipment. Which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t know how to use any of the equipment, but I was determined to learn. So I started inviting other people around campus, who I knew rapped, to the studio so I could record them and myself. And that was really the start of everything.”
3.) What can you tell us about your first time performing? 
3.) “My first time ever performing was at Club 20 Grand in Atlanta. I was doing a set with my brother and some of his friends who were all starting to gain some popularity around Atlanta with their music. My brother asked me if I wanted to perform with them as one of the hype men. And to be honest, I almost told him no. Because I was really scared and nervous. I had a fear of being the center of attention. But I knew it might be the only chance I ever got to perform on stage, so I took the opportunity. I was actually still in high school at the time, so I was too young to even get into the club. But since I was a part of the performance; they let me right in without checking my I.D. So when it was our turn to perform; we went on stage. And I was super nervous even though I was only a hype man. But the fact that I wasn’t performing by myself made it a lot easier to get over the nervousness. I was already familiar with their songs, so the performance went pretty good. We all performed in our big jeans, big shirts, and fitted caps, and the crowd was really feeling it. When we got off stage everyone dapped us up and congratulated us on the performance. And some of the other performing artists even wanted to network with us. The performance is actually on tape somewhere, but I’m not sure if that tape will ever actually resurface.”
4.) Where do you want to perform most? Follow up question, what was your favorite venue that you have already performed at?
4.) “I would really like to perform in Times Square or Madison Square Garden. When I was younger, I would always see different tv specials with performances filmed in Times Square, like Mtv’s TRL. They always looked super litty. I always dreamed of being one of the featured artists. Madison Square Garden is the place where artists perform once they’ve really made it big. So that’s another place I’ve always dreamed of performing. 
My favorite venue that I’ve performed at so far was actually a venue hosted at my college, Georgia Southern University, before I graduated. It was hosted by a poetry group, for students, that I was a part of something called RAP which stood for Random Acts of Poetry. The performances were more like poetry readings than full performances. But you could still choose to do a full performance, with your own music. I liked it because it was very personal and it gave me a chance to perform just my lyrics, without music. So I could test if people really liked my lyrics, or just the beats that I was rapping over. And it gave me a chance to finally get over my fear of being the center of attention.”
5.) If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? If possible, how would you activate it?
5.) “Haha, I love this question; but if I could have any superpower, it would be the power to read peoples minds. So I could know whether people really like my music or if they’re just saying they do because they want something from me. When you start having fans; sometimes it’s difficult to decipher the true supporters from the people who are just jumping onto the train just because it’s moving. And even though I appreciate any amount of support that I get from any person, It would still be nice to know who the real biggest supporters are; so that I can pay them extra attention.”
6.) Who is THE one artist currently out of your league that you hope to one day work with? 
6.) “Wow, that’s a difficult one. There’s so many. But the one artists that’s a part of my same era that I hope to one day work with is Kendrick Lamar. His level of artistry and dedication to the craft is just amazing. He continuously evolves and completely rebrands himself with every single project. Nothing is ever the same with him, and I can appreciate that. I hope to continuously evolve myself and bring a different perspective with each and every project I do.. So I’m hoping that I can touch base with him and pick his brain a bit before he hangs up the mic for good.”
7.) Got any shout outs you wanna give?
7.) “Most definitely. I wanna give a shout out to my big bro and co-producer of my album, TayDeezie AKA TrackMonsta. He was a big influence for me growing up, and taught me a lot that I know now about music production, recording, and composition. I can’t say we have the best relationship right now, but I’m hopeful that all will work out for the best. 
I also wanna give a shout out to Christian Wadiei. He’s a Film Producer and owner of Liftoff Films in LA. He saw a lot of potential in me and offered to do some work for me for free at a time when I didn’t have much money; even though he was already a big producer at the time. He taught me a lot about video production and concepts, and continues to be a source that I reach out to as far as videos go. He actually just did a video with RMR and Jamie Foxx just recently, which is doing really good right now.”
8.) What are you working on currently?
8.) “Currently I’m working on dropping at least two more singles before I drop my album: The Prairie Path. Also, running my own label: HomeTowne Ent. As well as managing three different YouTube channels: One for music, One for Spirituality and mental health, and one for fashion and sneaker reviews. And a few other business ventures that are in the startup phases right now. So, as you can imagine, I stay very busy. Hahaha.”
9.) What do you have planned next?
9.) “I think a better question is, “What don’t I have planned next”. Hahaha. But I have ton of things coming up on my schedule: a bunch of other interviews, video shoots, booking features, Podcast and radio appearances, and a lot more. Things have really been taking off for me, recently, so I’m very hopeful about the future. “
10.) What is your best memory from highschool? 
10.) “My best memory from High school was actually Senior skip day. All of us seniors skipped school and then we all showed up right as school was letting out; with a bunch of water balloons. Then we had a one-sided water balloon fight with the lower class-men. Haha. That was definitely the best moment of my high school career, by far.”
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