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Landon Hall’s Guide on Choosing Your First Ever Drum Kit

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It is finally time to retire the pots and pans and get your first ever drum kit. This can be overwhelming, given that there are a couple of things to consider. However, with the guidance of a world-renowned drummer, Landon Hall, you will be able to find your first kit easily.

Landon Hall is an international drummer who has played sold-out arenas, worked with legendary artists like Desmond Child, played alongside Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Katey Sagal and many others. He is also an actor featured on many networks like Netflix, Lifetime, CBS and others. Landon and his band featured on the Nickelodeon show 100 things to do before high school. He is also the founder of Music City Drum Show, a trade show event in Nashville and Diemond Star, a drumstick company known for their perfect and versatile sticks.

Given his track record, Landon Hall’s guide to getting a drum set is exactly what you need. In his expert opinion, choosing your first drum kit is like falling in love at first sight. You, however, need to consider a few things before you can take the set home. First, you need to consider your style and preferences, don’t pick a kit that works for someone else because it might not suit you.

Landon emphasizes the importance of understanding your level. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need too many pieces and hardware as they will only serve as distractions. It is essential to start slow and build up as you learn. Another important note is research; though it is like falling for your first kit, you still need to do your research to figure out what you want in a drum set and compare costs.

Landon also notes the importance of having adequate space for the drum set you purchase. If you’re buying in person, be prepared with room for the drums and transporting them. Having gotten his first drumming set when he was only nine years old, Landon Hall has spent most of his life around drums, and he has gradually built his skill to a recognizable level.

According to Landon, your first drumming kit will help you fall deeper in love with drumming and should therefore help you grow your skills. Go for a practical set, and don’t get too caught up in the beauty and aesthetic. It is important to focus on your skill first.

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