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Shantelwithasexys, Promoter and Marketing Manager

Shantel AKA Shantelwithasexy is a promoter and marketing manager for many musicians and artists. Born and raised in Jamaica, Shantel’s goal is to educate people with conscious music – especially in the black community.


Shantel told Eros Entertainment “I am proud to be a marketing manager and support artists getting their craft heard”. One of the hardest obstacles Shantel had to overcome was coming out to her mom and family. Shantel emits positive vibrations to everyone who crosses her path. Her biggest musical inspirations are Bob Marley, Chronixx and Glen Washington.


“My reason for waking up everyday and continuing to pursue my dreams is to create a world of peace, love, unity and respect where everyone gets that they matter, I love when people live their purpose. I am a creative, courageous, powerful and loving woman”.


Shantel is working on getting her YouTube channel verified as a creator, and also working on creating a getaway in Jamaica for artists and creators to take a break and enjoy nature and relax. Follow Shantel on Instagram and YouTube to stay up to date with her exciting endeavors!

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