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“Monsters In My Closet: A Lighthearted and Catchy Debut Single by Josh Loewen’s The Dishcloth Orthodoxy”

As a musician, Josh Loewen goes by the name of The Dishcloth Orthodoxy. Hailing from Chilliwack, Canada, he has been making music for five years now, with one week under his new brand. He initially started creating music in high school, making his own ringtones and jingles in Logic Pro X. He liked the process so much that he decided to delve deeper into producing.

Josh’s music style is best described as lighthearted, fun, and melodic. It is a fusion of comedy, pop rock melodies, and witty lyrics. When asked who he sounds like, Josh humbly admits that he doesn’t really know.

In terms of his career wins, Josh has yet to experience any significant ones, but he remains hopeful and optimistic about his future in music. As for his dream features, he would love to work with Jemaine Clement and/or Bret McKenzie.

When asked about the moment where he knew that music was meant for him, Josh cites writing his first single as a turning point. He realized that it was the best body of work he had made up to that point and knew that he wanted to pursue music more seriously.

One of the reasons Josh loves making music is the ability to create and manipulate sound and emotions with the right lyrics and melodies. He often spends hours at his desk, coming up with random melodies and ideas. If he could play any venue in the world, it would be the 9:30 Club.

At present, Josh has no core team members, but he understands the importance of community in achieving his dreams. He believes that it would be difficult to pursue any dream without the help and support of others.

Josh’s debut single under The Dishcloth Orthodoxy is “Monsters In My Closet,” a lighthearted and catchy song about being scared of the dark and the monsters that lurk within. He worked on the song by himself, crafting the lyrics to sound as master-planned as possible, despite the playful topic. The song will be released independently under The Dishcloth Orthodoxy on April 7, 2023.

Looking ahead, Josh’s goal for the next five years in music is to start performing live, host events, release a few albums, create hilarious music videos, and write and direct a musical comedy TV show based on his songs.

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