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The Rise of NxtJayy: A Journey to Independent Music Production

Jalen, also known by his stage name NxtJayy, is a rising music producer hailing from Columbia, South Carolina. Despite only two years in the music industry, he has already made a name for himself and is set on becoming a leading independent producer.

In a recent interview, Jalen spoke about his path to independence in music production. When asked about his label status, he proudly replied that he was independent. Being independent allows him to have complete creative control over his music and decision-making process. However, he’s currently seeking a distribution deal to expand his audience reach.

Jalen’s family, especially his mother and sisters, are his biggest supporters throughout his journey. He writes his own material and creates music video concepts, giving him full artistic control over his work. His musical inspirations include Glacier, AJONTHEMKEYS, and Zaytoven.

Recently, Jalen released “Story of NXT” on 10/11/22, with another release set for 06/11/23. He’s currently focusing on hip-hop music and aspires to become the biggest producer/artist worldwide.

Jalen’s short but inspiring journey to independence shows his passion for music and determination to make it big in the industry. With his family’s support and musical talent, he’s sure to make a significant impact on the music industry.

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