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1. How’s everything going?

Everything is going great. God is good, family is good, Bigger successes stay right around the corner.

2. When/How did you start/get into making music and hosting events?

I started to do music when I stopped playing football. Music was the next best thing to playing in front of thousands of people. I first found the love of writing music, after I felt like I mastered the art of writing music I moved on to freestyle expression of my craft. Once I felt like I had mastered making music, I moved on to producing my own performances/shows. I felt like having my own platform to produce my own concerts will give me and advantage in a growing industry of innovators. After throwing my first couple charity events I was all in. Then I decided to start my own platform for me to brand my music and also fellow artist that needed an outlet.

3. What is your greatest inspiration for Spring Urban Fest?

My greatest inspiration for Spring Urban First was getting my music out there. It turned from getting my music out there to creating lasting relationships and helping other artists fulfill their dreams. Every day my inspiration for spring Urban first changes. It develops into something more for the future then just for me at this moment in time.

4. What is the hardest part of coordinating an event?

The hardest part of coordinating events is coordinating people. It is very easy to call a venue and figure out their availabilities and their rates or the way they handle things. It is very hard to determine if someone will miss their flight, get sick, or just be downright negligent about their responsibilities and timing. So I would definitely say the hardest thing about coordinating Events is dealing with the scheduling of other individuals. Is the gift and the curse, you need them to be there and you hope they will make it and we all just wait to see what happens.

5. What is the greatest achievement you’ve ever accomplished?

My greatest achievement is my son. I feel like having him gives me the ability to look at life differently. It’s not about my accomplishments anymore, it’s about creating some thing that can sustain his future and even his kids future. So my greatest accomplishment would definitely be my son and my family.

6. Are you planning on having another event soon if so when and where?

Yes we have plenty of events coming up. Right now we’re in the middle of our fall winter fest 2UTour. Next in December once the fall winter first two-year tour is over we will go into our yearly celebrity basketball game, which is a gift back for the kids in the Atlanta community. After that we will go into our New Year’s festivities.

7. What is next for you guys?

I’d like to look at things like this guy is not the limit. We don’t know what’s next, but what I do know is that we will work every day to make something out of nothing like we’ve done so far. So you asked me “what next” and I tell you “ It’s everything that we work for.”

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