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Interview With Quentinthe5thss

Hey Quentin How are you?

– ‘Sup. I’m good bro.


What is your biggest achievement?

– I don’t know, ,man. I’ve done some pretty cool sh*t to say I’m a small town guy who’s never really been anywhere. So far, probably being a in an Ambre video or having work done with Chase N. Cashe. I had a lot of fun during my residency at The Embassy Studio of New Orleans, too.


Who is your biggest inspiration ?

– As a person… I’d say my family, but as a creative I’ve been studying Pharrell Williams’ journey. Dude’s the blueprint for the “Artrepreneur.”


Where do you see yourself in 1 year ?

– Still working on music and designs, but definitely exploring the business side of things, you know? That’s a must.


Where are you from?

– I was born outside of Portland, Oregon, and raised in Louisiana. Not far from Baton Rouge and New Orleans.


How old are you?

– 27

Are you working on any projects ?

– Not really working on anything besides a bunch of demos and being the creative director for Intel-Agressif.

What are you in this industry for ?

– To be honest, I’m here to be the greatest. Not sure exactly what I’ll be the greatest at, but that’s why I’m here. Time’s too scarce to just be “good.”


What’s your next move ?

– Only time will tell.

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