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Interview With Blacc9inee

What is your name?

My name is Christopher Quick also known as blacc9inee on all platforms/media outlets

Would you rather have?

50k in cash or a perfect credit score, and why?

I rather have 50k cash only because i have the resources to get a better credit score to obtain anything i put/set my mind to.

Who is your favorite producer?

I currently dont have a favorite producer because I believe in myself, my craft, and my work to conduct business with any producer as far as creating greatness in the industry.

Are you a touring artist or a recording artist?

Im versatile in many areas so i would consider myself as an recording and touring artist due to what I’ve already already accomplished in the studio and on the road.

Have you ever thought about quitting music?

To be honest I’ve never thought about quitting music even at times where everything was moving/going slow for me. An artist’s who thinks about quitting will always quit music in my opinion because why think like that when u could/can be the next big thing to blow. Its all about the process, the grind, and staying humble in every situation thats being placed in your hands.

Favorite Era of music?

My favorite era of music would be between now and the 90’s with the slow jams, R&B, and the hiphop culture. Even though it has changed tremendously, i actually tock with the era now because it shows new ideas and ways to accelerate in this era.

Do you plan on traveling?

Yes indeed i plan on traveling, to be honest I’ve been traveling a lot more than usual with this music gig. Ive been to a lot of places and performed in a lot of places as well. As an artist i feel as though you should travel just to see how different everything is from where you currently reside or located.

Are you an independent artist or are you signed or under any management?

Im currently independent, been independent for a good minute now but thanks to Jake Strain and his management I’ve been offered a management deal recently and i plan to take this to the top. Its a TAKEOVER movement, Lets get it.

What was your most memorable concert, did you perform at it?

My biggest or most memorable events/concerts ive done and cant ever forget about is my last two located in Greenville, North Carolina. The first show was me opening up for @Stunna4vegas which was an SOLD OUT event and my most recent was the Summer Jam Festival and of course it was slammed packed. Both events were lit and we all had a ball.

What was your biggest challenge that you had to overcome during your music career, so far?

My biggest challenge i had to over come was really caring what people had to say about me, my work ethic, or just the music. I was so stuck on how i made people feel or if I dropped this song they wont/wouldn’t rock with it so much as the rest. After i started going off my own thoughts as far as creating the music and dropping it when i wanted, I figured they were going to either rock with it or not but so far they love it so its time to take it up a notch. Challenges are always going to come ahead of an artist, its up to you or the artist to change the narrative of certain situations far as releasing music.

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