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George Dickinson Reveals His 3 favorite most Music Genres

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When someone works in the music industry, they have lots of opportunities to discover new music and enjoy artists most people have never heard of. George Dickinson, aka G Money, is a rap producer, but that’s not all he listens to. Here’s a breakdown of the kind of music G Money streams on Spotify.


Dickinson’s bread and butter is rap. He is well-known for signing the late rap star Juice WRLD, who rose to the top of the Billboard 100 charts. “Juice WRLD freestyled most of his raps, which really gave me a new appreciation for the genre,” G Money said. “I knew we had to have him on our team.” He listens to rap for work, but he loves it in his personal time as well. “Hip-hop and rap really resonate with me. While I admire other genres, I don’t think I could be a manager in any other type of music.”


In addition to his background in hip-hop and rap, G Money absorbed a lot of rock music. “Classic rock might seem a little uncool these days, but they achieved a sound that is impossible to replicate.” He also admires the attitude in rock songs. “I think rap can learn a lot from rock musicians. I want to show my clients that good music is out there, no matter the genre.”


It might seem crazy for a rap manager to listen to mainstream radio, but G Money is sure that it helps him out at work. “Rap is starting to incorporate pop elements and vice versa,” Dickinson said. “While I think these worlds are definitely different, that doesn’t mean that they can’t intersect to form amazing results.”

No matter the genre of music, G Money believes that something can be learned from it. Having a holistic view of music is key to developing a good ear and succeeding in the business.

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