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Austin Godsey Talks About the Themes in His Songs

Some artists are very well known for repeating themes in their songs. Bruce Springsteen is synonymous with star-crossed lovers running away from their two-horse-power towns. Taylor Swift is known for the songs she wrote about her love life. There are whole genres of music where bands share a common topic or worldview.

Having consistent themes is a great way to make songs more relatable to the audience. It also works great for the songwriter if the theme is something that moves them or is close or present in their lives, as that can significantly reduce the effort of creating new songs. For Austin Godsey, it’s both.

The singer-songwriter from Houston is attracting more attention from fans and critics alike by the day. Even though he’s yet to see the limelight of the very big stage, he has a solid following that’s devoted and highly engaged with his career.

One of the most-cited reasons behind Austin Godsey’s devoted following is the themes he covers in his songs. The most prominent one is an early life spent moving around, something that Godsey himself experienced. In a country as big as the United States, where moving to a different part of the country for a job is completely normal, this type of experience is something many people can relate to.

So are the things that come out of a life spent like a tree without a root. The ability to connect with people quickly, albeit not as deeply, is another theme that finds its way into many of Godsey’s songs. The peculiarity of that feeling like someone who’s always walking into a theater after a movie has just started and knows they’ll leave before the end is also present.

The most striking of themes come from the many people Austin Godsey met before he settled down, and their stories. That kind of experience also taught Godsey the art of people-watching, which would eventually help him find an endless source of material. The people who are akin to him and can appreciate that kind of background and the point of view it brings are very grateful for it.

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