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Turk N16 Is Taking the Rap World by Storm



Great success rarely comes overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same applies to many of the biggest and most prominent musical careers of the day. Even those artists who are labeled as overnight successes have serious work behind them, or, at the very least, plenty of work put into them to get them to where they are. Nothing in the world of music happens without effort. Turk N16, a rising star in the UK rap scene, knows it all too well.

Reaching the place he’s at today wasn’t an easy task. Turk N16 had to invest plenty in himself to develop into a rapper capable of creating songs that make tens of thousands of people move to the same beat and rap the same lines. The very first step on his road to taking the rap world by storm was determining the way to look at the things around him and finding novel ways of communicating his feelings, experiences, and observations to his audience.

After a successful first step, Turk N16 was able to focus on the next important thing: learning how to build great songs. Taking inspiration from people who have done it for way longer than him, but also injecting plenty of his own personality and style, Turk N16 started creating songs that were affecting the listeners on many different levels. He took the rap tropes of the past and dialed them up until they became something completely new.

It’s very hard to succeed in the business on one’s own, and Turk N16 has always been humble enough to give praise to the people who have helped him craft his track into the masterpieces they are. The production specialists he works with are expert beat-makers, engineers, producers, and sample artists, and together they created the magic that helped Turk N16 create a very successful career as a rapper.

Being a curious and entrepreneurial young person, Turk N16 is unlikely to stay in one lane for too long. His fans might as well enjoy the music he’s putting out while it lasts, as it’s entirely possible that, as soon as he reaches the very top of the international rap scene, he’ll find other challenges and taller peaks to climb.

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