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If you are looking for creative and fascinating songs to add to your playlist or to freshen your mind and body? Look no further as YDG Dezzii’s songs do the magic. He has been working hard on his profession, creating the “Trap Hall” subgenre, a unique infusion of Trap Rap and Dance Hall. Passion, upbeat, and confidence drive the vibrating lyrics of his songs. 

He offers a wide variety of songs, each unique and bringing out a different kind of energy. YDG draws creativity by listening to a wide variety of artists including, Future, Bob Marley, and 21 Savage. Rhythmically and melodically, Dezzi’s tracks contain different energy. 

The hip-hop star’s acronym of YDG stands for “You’re Destined for Greatness.” He is undoubtedly living up to the title. Originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica, his interest in music began in childhood. He started singing at 9 in the choir at school and church. His culture highly influences his sound. 

Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, his music is based on mood. His songs touch the different dispositions he has: be it upbeat, aggressive, laid-back, or chill. His ideas stem from events, memories, and the work of other artists. He truly expresses life in all its shades, making his content relatable. His vocals are also deep and speak on the battles of love & betrayal and about getting rich. He speaks to his audience through his lyrics.

YDG’s most significant elements are the beat, instrument, and sound, each representing an entity. The layers speak a message to the artist who acts as an interpreter. He leaves audiences jamming to his songs and amused by all the effects in them. 

YDG Dezzii is leaving a mark on future generations and breaking down the barriers of poverty. Through his success, he encourages young people that they too could live the lives they want. His proudest moments have been figuring out the industry’s business side, learning about marketing, and letting his creativity flourish. He is gradually reaching new people and spreading his message globally. Music means freedom to him, establishing peace for himself mentally, creatively, and emotionally. 

He is currently preparing to release his first mixtape along with new singles and music videos. He has a new single, “ydg_dezzii,” aimed at growing his core audience. All his music is available on major platforms. You can reach out to YDG Dezzii from 

Instagram: @ydg_dezzii 

Facebook: @ydg_dezzii 

Twitter: @ydgdezzii

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