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Bun Bydaway is on a mission to discover young artists with unique voices. He is a revered entrepreneur with several successful businesses and his company BDW Studios is known for tying up with artists from under-privileged communities of America. 

Every day, Bun sets out to make a difference in his community and empower the younger generation. He describes, “During the initial days of finding work, I was rejected by a lot of people who assumed that I wouldn’t be able to succeed.” Today, Bun’s net worth is $8 million, and he is now helping people like himself reach their goals. 

Talking about how he spends his days, Bun Bydaway says, “I am the same person I was before and mostly do the same things. I focus on my work and spend time with my family and friends.” He has hustled really hard to reach where he is today and it was his thorough determination and consistency that helped him succeed. Bun feels that when someone is working towards a goal, they have to be adamant and dedicated. “You have to wake up on your own each day and work towards your goal,” he says, “Nobody is going to do it for you.” As an A&R, he looks out for artists who create music that tells the truth. Such artists and music help generate awareness about their neglected communities. 

Bun Bydaway has business in many sectors like entertainment, real estate, events, and more. He had always been a music lover and loved to see people enjoying events. He started out with an events business and invested the earned money into other sectors. He is also a skilled poker player and has won many tournaments. Each day is a new opportunity for him to enjoy life to its fullest and make a difference in the society.

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