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YelloBoy GoneWild Amazes Many For His Hardwork & Resilience In His Career

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Many people think that life starts at 16. However, YelloBoy GoneWild, started his life earlier. The artist who hails from Baltimore Maryland, made his first mixtape while he was 13. He had already leveraged on his talent and was already making milestones. 

To date, YelloBoy GoneWild is an inspiration to many. He has made major milestones during his youth and many remain wishing the same. Apart from inspiring many, he is also inspired by Jay Z and J Cole who are major artists in his music genre which is Hip-Hop. 

YelloBoy GoneWild also has another trait that makes him outstanding. He is his own director and makes his videos alone. However, with the increasing traction he has announced that he needs a distribution deal.

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