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Who Is Boston’s Own “Real Deal”?

I go by the name Real Deal. I’m from boston I rap. I have been making music since I was 12. I’m 32 now. My first project was Dramatic story ,my mother actually drew the cover art . My inspiration is The game. He’s very lyrical and intelligent with his word play. I worked with Annie Moore, she is also from Boston. She’s a great artist and we have a lot of chemistry on tracks and our styles compliment each other. She’s always great to work with. Some other features I have is with Keith Fade from Florida My cousin Frankie in Atlanta. It’s always fun to collaborate with them. One person I would like to work with is Yung Bleu. He’s creative and he makes fun songs and he knows how to make songs for the ladies. I’m not signed. I would like to get a deal but whatever deal I feel is suitable for me I might entertain the offer. I feel like my biggest supporters are the people that don’t support me because that gives me more motivation to improve and be better in life and musically. I’m currently working on a mixtape ,I didn’t even come up with a name or the cover art for it .My latest release was Dear Lord which was a good follow up to my song world so cold. I don’t have a release date for my next project. I would like to travel to LA because there’s so many resources for music and I know it would be a great experience. I don’t know the number of people that have been at a show I performed at but it was a good amount .I don’t try to put a number on how many people there are because I am more focused on the music and my craft . I can see myself on tour with anyone that is educated enough business wise and can draw in sales with me .In 5 years I see myself on a bigger level getting more opportunities being part of a label would be a start but staying independent is the way to be and the way to go.
Instagram @realdeal.617
Soundcloud @realdeal617

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