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Suso FW Explains How Drake’s Songs Inspired Him to Become a Musician

2020 was an excellent year for Suso FW. He released two singles, “Lonesome” and “Credit,” which became massive hits. But his listeners may not know that Suso FW has been composing music since he was 12. However, he wasn’t able to release any of his compositions back then. Many fans often ask how he started making music at such a young age. The man of the moment thanks Drake for his efforts.

Suso FW’s inspiration, his idol

Suso FW doesn’t know Drake personally. He has not even met him. Yet, Drake continues to inspire Suso FW every day. The young superstar recently said, “I’m a musician, a singer, only because Drake’s songs inspire me to compose music. I’ve been listening to his songs since I went to school. My friends listened to various artists, such as Drake, Chris Brown, Vybz Kartel, Big Pun, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West. Although I love everyone on this list, Drake is my favorite. I can relate to his songs more than I can do to others’. I loved his music videos so much that I wanted to act like him in front of the mirror. I know almost all his songs by heart. To me, he is my idol. If I can make music that’s half as good as him, I’ll consider myself fortunate.”

The “Lonesome” star even admitted that he had practiced with many of Drake’s tracks when he was learning audio mixing. He wanted to emulate his idol in every possible way. Suso FW’s rise to fame with his song “Lonesome” is similar to Drake’s first hit. No one knew him well in the music industry. He was a rookie looking for opportunities. But once his first couple of songs topped the charts, there was no looking behind for Drake. Suso FW is also walking in the same direction. “Lonesome” is already a worldwide hit. His fans message him every day to know when he will release his next song. That’s the kind of response Suso FW had expected when he first started making music.

Making music without any formal education

Most musicians go to music schools to learn the foundation of music. But Suso FW is a naturally gifted talent. He didn’t have to go to any music school or get a formal education in music to become such a great artist. Instead, he spent years learning how to mix audios, operate digital audio workstations, extract tracks, and compile different tunes in one song. He experimented with varying techniques of mixing to see how unique his tunes sounded. Soon, he started recording his tracks with the hope of impressing a music production company. But it took him seven years to find a producer who agreed to work with him. He said, “Most producers write me off because I was too young. They thought that working with me would eventually mean incurring a loss. It was sad, but things changed when Lone Wolf and JP Soundz decided to work with me.”

Suso FW is now an inspiration for many young musicians. He encourages new artists to keep recording their tracks because they will work sooner or later.

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