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Sean Delaney, NY Artist

Sean Delaney, an independent artist, songwriter, marketing executive, founder of his own clothing line Sincerely Dedicated Co, and CEO of his music label Rock Your Weird Ent.

He has approached his brand as a positive movement to try and help people understand the

significance of being inspired, passionate and dedicated in life. With a well-composed

character, the rapper has received a string of awards for his outstanding songwriting

abilities, including; the New York State Excellence Award for his lyrics on “Open Your Eyes”,

which was the first-ever Hip-Hop song on Autism. His music video for this single captured a

a solid quarter of a million views on YouTube before even going viral was an actual thing. This

elevated him to much bigger stages such as; on renowned America’s Got Talent (season 9)

where he was appreciated for his agility and amazing songwriting skills.

Cited by many blog outlets as a “Jack of all trades,” Sean is a sterling force to reckon with in the prevailing genre of Hip-Hop. Hailing from Hudson, NY, Sean Delaney has consistently maintained his position as one of the few lyricists that have remained true to the game since he made his debut in 2014. Focusing on the originality and realism of Hip-Hop, this prodigy has devoted his music career to making music that defies the current spectrum of rap music that never acknowledges lyrical content as a true substance. Through his adept flow and metaphor filled rhymes, Sean has created a discography that can be defined as – raw, full of charisma, and creative in all ways. His creativity has stood out as one of his strengths that make him better than many artists in the same niche.

Currently, the Irish/American Rapper is working on the third mixtape of his Wonder Years

series anticipated for release in August, together with his next studio album dubbed “Heart

of A Lion”. Sean is that kind of rapper particularized as a taste-masker, true wordsmith, and

has become a household name with his lyrical maturity that has set a thin line between the

stereotype of old school Hip-Hop and his unique style.

Sean Delaney has in the past been honored to open up for legendary rappers, including;

Slaughterhouse, the late Sean Price and the Legend DMX (RIP). Based on merits, Sean has

developed a rich and vast discography with singles like; Fair Trade (Michael J Foxx Remix),

Silver Platter, The Journey, In The Air, Rhymes With Animosity, among others. His

mind boggling EP “Heart of a Lion” released back in 2021 is one of his latest music projects

and featured other such talent as; David Je, Jason Adamo, Asha Mae, and Frank Dianda.

Sean Delaney is what the Hip-Hop industry refers to as a true lyrical chameleon. He can

adapt to any type of instrumental with his sound that is all about connecting with his fans

through his high energy.

Be sure to check out Sean Delaney on all major music streaming platforms and follow

his craft on Instagram to stay in sync with all his forthcoming projects. For more info click here

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