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If you truly want to make it big in the music business, you have to be direct and ask for what you want, but it also helps if you know how to have fun. BUDDIEZ, comprising friends Justin Escalona and Gianni Taylor, is living proof that wit and determination can take you far. 

When you visit the BUDDIEZ website, their tongue-in-cheek declaration immediately grabs your attention with the slogan: ‘Someone sign us already. Like c’mon!!!’ This duo isn’t afraid to wear their witty hearts on their sleeves. The success of their self-titled album BUDDIEZ has got the duo considering collaborations with leading artists. The first artist that the duo has excitedly suggested that they want to share their sound with is Olivia O’Brien. The twenty-one-year-old contemporary R&B singer-songwriter has caught the duo’s attention, and as admirers of her work, they would be very open to collaboration. The creative pair is considering collaborating with several other big-name artists, which they are keeping under wraps for now. Justin expands on this, saying cryptically, “We created our album within two weeks in an apartment closet, so who knows what we’ll achieve next?”

Before BUDDIEZ, Justin Escalona was flying high in the marketing industry, while Gianni Taylor was already an established name in the music business, having shot music videos for music stars like Chance The Rapper. The two combined their abilities and created a music project that has racked up fans by being honest about their desire to make music and have fun. As the duo plan their next move, it’s clear that no matter what artist they collaborate with, they’re going to have a lot of fun doing it.

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