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Quentin The 5th Talks About Collaborations and Popular Tracks


Quentin The 5th is an independent artist, which means he isn’t signed to a record label. When asked about who he would most likely collaborate with, Quentin shared that collaborations are major and the vibes have to be right. He believes that if things feel right, then he can work with an artist. Quentin has performed with many artists in Louisiana’s underground scene, including P3RK, Flighteous, Khalil Vegas, and Michael Armstead.

While Quentin has made a lot of songs, he finds it hard to say which one is better than the other. He believes that his most popular track is something he hasn’t released yet. As an independent artist who creates at a high frequency, he finds it difficult to keep up with what tracks are popular and which ones aren’t. Instead, Quentin focuses on creating new music and putting in the work.

Article 3: Quentin The 5th Talks About His Accomplishments and Future Plans

Quentin The 5th has accomplished a lot in his career, including being published, selected as a resident artist at The Material Institute (The Embassy Studio of New Orleans), and getting beats from a Grammy winner and Billboard charters. Despite these achievements, Quentin doesn’t consider any of them to be his biggest accomplishment yet. He believes that his biggest accomplishment is yet to come, and he is constantly working towards achieving it.

Quentin’s passion for music has helped him make a name for himself in the industry, and he plans to continue putting in the work to achieve even greater success. When asked about what’s next for him, Quentin replied that he plans to do more work, and anything that comes his way will be a result of the work he puts in. With his passion for music and his drive to succeed, Quentin The 5th is definitely an artist to watch out for in the coming years.



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