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Market share in the music industry is the number of fans or audience that listen and comprehend one’s music compared to competitors and all other artists, fighting to be on top of the list trending. Ratxhet is one person utilizing his craft, giving it his all to be the person he wants to be. He has grown to be a dynamic person steadily rising through the ranks in Florida’s music scenes and across its borders. 

There are so many reasons he is making it all big, being in the industry for six years. He is so passionate about his craft, hardworking, have clear goals and visions, optimistic and persistent. Of course, not forgetting having a solid support system and mindset. This star also has his clothing brand producing aesthetic fashion, which is also his favorite.

His Music 

Ratxhet makes rap music, in which he 100% writes the components. He has a few producers who add to the flare in the songs. He is also frequently involved in his musical concepts. He started making music professionally in 2015 and came in with a song he was in that went viral, a remix to Chiraq. He has since then had features with Peso peso, Wifisfuneral, D savage, Dave from the grave.

He is looking forward to work with Lil Baby, Est gee, Pooh Shiesty, moneybagg yo. He would have also wanted to work with the late Joe. He looks up to Lil Baby and dreams of touring with him. He is an independent artist, releasing music every month. His best song is “40 in my pants”, and his latest release is “M on the Way.”

Inspiration and Motivation

The success path is, at times, challenging, and for you to keep moving, you need to have people you look up to. People who have had incredible success stories that encourage you to work harder and show you that you can succeed as they did. There are also these supportive people who show you love, encouraging you to be your best version and to be a better idol. 

Ratxhet’s greatest inspiration is his kids and Lil Baby. He is motivated by his great supporters: his family and his city.  His milestones also encourage him, showing him that his efforts will pay off. 

Future Plans

Ratxhet entrusts his future to God, which he says he will be where God wants him to be in 5 years. However, he ultimately wants to grace stages worldwide. Despite releasing every month, Ratxhet is working on a tape to release in the new year. He further hopes to tour the UK as most of his Spotify listeners are from the UK. He also ambitiously wants to sell out in the Amway Arena. 


Ratxhet is already creating a beautiful story of his success journey. He is an inspiration to many young artists. He truly defines craft and a well-polished piece of art. You can listen to his music on major platforms like Apple and Spotify.

Instagram: @therealratxhet

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