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Interview With Happy Outside Sad

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Hey Happy Outside Sad Inside How are you?

I’m doing good, I’m glad to be here today.

What is your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement is me Owning my first car it was an 2014 Hyundai Veloster.

Who is your biggest inspiration ?

My biggest inspiration is Night Lovell the way he has his own melody and flow to his songs. It inspired me to start making music creating my own melody and flow by telling my own story through music.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year ?

Where do I see myself in 1 year. I see myself working harder putting out more music, and helping others.

Where are you from?

Born in Meridian MS. Moved to Fayetteville Ga in 2002 

How old are you?

I’m 26 years old. 

 are you working on any projects ?

Yes I’m working on another single, before I start working on my first Ep. 

What are you in this industry for ?

I’m in the Music industry cause I love making  music and I want to be part of something big and achieve bigger goals and grow in the business. 

What’s your next move ?

My next move is to work on my first studio album and come out perform it and share it to everyone.

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