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Ice Cube’s Tribute to Lench Mob’s Loyal Soldier

Ice Cube recently shared heartfelt reflections on the life of Da Lench Mob rapper Shorty in the new documentary, “Comin’ Up Short.” In this insightful film, viewers gain a unique perspective as Shorty narrates his journey from a gang-banger to a rapper and respected community leader.

Ice Cube, both a participant and executive producer of the documentary, praised Shorty’s unwavering loyalty. “When my man Shorty joined us in Da Lench Mob, I knew we had a real soldier with us,” Cube stated in the documentary. “He was our conscience in a lot of ways. He would tell us things like how we should be living, the things that we needed to stay away from.”

The film sheds light on Shorty’s commitment, emphasizing his 100 percent dedication to everything he pursued, whether it was rolling with the homies, Da Lench Mob, or following his faith in Islam. Ice Cube’s reflections provide a poignant glimpse into the impact Shorty had on the group’s dynamics.

“Comin’ Up Short” is not just a documentary; it’s a tribute to a loyal soldier, a rapper, and a community leader. The film, streaming on Amazon Prime, offers fans an opportunity to celebrate Shorty’s life and legacy.

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