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In much anticipation, musical artist Washisname FWZ, who hails from Staten Island, has been putting in that work in preparation for the release of his newest single “My Issues”. He anticipates dropping this single in the coming days so be sure to be on the lookout as this is something you don’t want to miss! “My Issues” gives listeners an intimate look into the life of FWZ in terms of feuding with allies and enemies alike. With the notion that in life people say they are there for you, to only turn out leaving you in the cold being the basis for the concept of this song. As you listen to “My Issues” the hope is it that you make connections to your own life through the many references and allusions FWZ makes from his personal experiences.

Without a doubt FWZ is making a comeback on the music scene and will continue to personify a genuine musical artist who will continue to stay true to himself and his fans, which is why he is sharing his issues with the world! As a musical artist FWZ wants his fans to know he has heard them and will also be dropping newly designed merchandise for everyone to rock under his company Barrio Bandits LLC!

“No one’s perfect I know. So don’t act like we don’t all have em. #MyIssues ” – FWZ  

Be on the lookout for much more music and the latest gear dropping at www.washisname.com!

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