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Fabolous’s Freestyle Fridays ‘You Did Me Wrong’ Featuring Trey Songz

Fabolous continues his Freestyle Fridays series with a heartfelt rendition titled “You Did Me Wrong,” featuring the soulful vocals of Trey Songz. This time, the duo takes on a Drake beat, adding their unique flair to the Scary Hours Edition.

In this installment, Fabolous showcases his ability to choose beats that complement his lyrical style, turning each freestyle into a captivating narrative. “You Did Me Wrong” stands out not only for its choice of instrumental but also for the seamless collaboration between Fabolous and Trey Songz.

As you explore the video above, delve into the nuances of the performance and share your thoughts on whether this freestyle outshines Fabolous’s previous releases. Is this a turning point for the Freestyle Fridays series, and how does Trey Songz’s contribution impact the overall vibe?

Join the conversation in the comments section, and let us know if “You Did Me Wrong” has earned a top spot in Fabolous’s freestyle repertoi

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