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Disrupting The Music Industry Like A Pro

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Many upcoming artists get into the music industry to give the world a taste of their sound, growing the entertainment scenes. Many take years; some quit, and others surprise the listeners. For this artist in New York, Lil Josiey, who got into the settings this year, is rapidly disrupting the industry like a genius. Any artist would be envious of how fast he is making waves. 

From the word go, Lil Josiey made waves in the industry with a hit song called ‘Sunset Shawty.’ The song has 3 million streams on SoundCloud. Apple Music and Spotify are also other platforms where you can listen to his music. The punk rock sound influences his songs. His music passion and a strong attitude of not quitting and making a better tomorrow contribute to the magic brought about in his songs. Here is how he is disrupting the music industry:

  1. Passion 

People can underestimate what passion can do, especially amidst obstacles. Passion for music is the main force behind his creative mind. He spends most of the time in the studio, and any time of the day for him is creative time. He mainly writes when inspired. It is also due to this passion that he overcomes his music challenges, and it makes him whole.

  1. A Solid Attitude

Lil Josiey believes in a better tomorrow in everything, and that is why quitting is not on his list. You can’t change the things in the past, but you can shape your future. 

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