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Discussing Life, Career, and Goals with talented Evan R. Salinas

Life isn’t meant to be lived one way. Human beings weren’t designed just to do one thing forever. It leads to boredom and complacency and promotes an overall feeling of being stuck in life. Instead of committing ourselves to one thing, many people seek out multiple paths that are not only complementary but satisfying and rewarding as well. The very talented Evan R. Salinas has done just that, and he discusses life, career, and goals.

E​van R. Salinas is most notably known for owning the number one tattoo shop in Brampton, Ontario. “Art is a deep expression of who I am,” states Evan. “It motivates me and drives me in every facet of my career.” Not only is Evan an exceptionally talented tattoo artist, but he is also an investor, painter, and recording artist. Life is about embracing everything you are passionate about, and Evan takes that to heart.

“​I have a lot of goals for myself, and I think that is healthy,” explains Evan. “Goals are commitments we make to ourselves, helping us power our personal and professional lives. If we don’t have goals, we have no direction, and that is where things get stale.” While it can be difficult to manage big goals across multiple careers, Evan does it with grace, humility, and commitment.

E​van has a unique understanding of life in general and thrives when things are exciting and challenging. “Never put your eggs all in one basket,” explains Evan. “Life isn’t linear, and we can’t predict the future. Embracing all our talents gives us a backup plan or multiple revenue streams to keep things going no matter what. Never be afraid of big goals and work with diversity. It can be your biggest ally.”

E​van is looking forward to the future that includes art, music, and profiting from his talents and investments. “I know what I am working with because I have the freedom to design my life,” states Evan. “Achievement happens over time, and a successful life is built on growth. So grow yourself, grow your business, and you’ll grow as a person.” With this mantra, Evan R. Salinas has achieved great success in multiple careers, one goal at a time.

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