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Laci Kay Somers, the popular model and musician, has recently released her latest track, “Bad Bitch Alert” on her own independent label, LKSmusic. This song showcases Laci’s insane rapping skills.

Inspired by the need for a female anthem and something fun for the TikTok generation, Laci’s “Bad Bitch Alert” delivers a powerful message of women empowerment. The song was engineered by Grammy award winner Jaime Velez from Blackwood Studios, who Laci has a close working relationship with.

Looking to the future, Laci plans to continue creating and making music videos, which she finds very exciting as a visual person. Her last video was directed by her and her sister, Stefani Somers.

Laci Kay Somers’ latest release, “Bad Bitch Alert,” has already been added to one of the biggest rap lists on Spotify, ironically named “Bad Bitch Energy” with over 100,000 followers. It’s really not hard to see why – her music is a perfect representation of her talent, creativity, and passion for women empowerment.


Connect with Laci Kay Somers on social media below: 

Spotify –  https://open.spotify.com/artist/22CdKDXLh4wqXLZcPuCFYQ

TikTok –  https://www.tiktok.com/@imlacikaysomers


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