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Background Check With San Diego’s Own Itslitobbs

What are their strengths/accolades?
I think Timo’s strength is his drive for success. It really rubs off on me and has pushed my work to the next level. Timo wants everything to be executed to the highest level which can make timelines unpredictable.
How did you get your stage name?
Growing up one of my nicknames was Joselito, which was actually my first stage name. However, I realized that the name was taken and decided that Lito was more unique. The bbs part of my name stands for broke boys but I have created my own definition of brome that exceeds the current definition that is related to financial status.
What’s one reason you love making music?
It’s a great way of expressing myself and makes me really happy when I create something that gives people energy.
Who are your biggest musical influences?
I have fallen in love with Drake and his sound. I also appreciate the artistic creativity behind his albums. He has created so many hits that he doesn’t feel the need to make every song a hit. He uses some tracks to express himself and convey a message.
What’s a musical experience/period that stuck out when you were young?
50 Cent.
Who did you listen to growing up in your home?
Besides my parent’s typical Mexican music, I was listening to what my brother would play. I remember 50 cent and G-unit, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Nas, Jay-Z and others.
How about as a teenager out of the house?
By the time I was in high school, music had changed. I was listening to Fetty wap, Jeremih, and Bobby Shmurda my freshman and sophomore year. And my junior and senior year I was really only listening to Future and Drake. I kinda stopped listening to the other artists I grew up on.
How important is community to you? Why?
My community is everything to me. It is the reason I can’t be fooled or played. I grew up in a place where you have to look out for yourself and be able to read people’s intentions.
Who are your biggest supporters?
My family are definitely my biggest supporters. I also have friends that support me. Someone’s support who I really appreciate in my music career has actually been my engineer.
What’s a small thing you love about making music?
I chose what side of myself I want to show.

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