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Yung Nusense: A Rising Star with a Versatile Sound

Yung Nusense is a name to watch out for in the rap and R&B genre. The Mobile, Alabama native has been making music for over a decade and is a talented rapper, music engineer, and a soldier serving in the army. With his unique name inspired by Lil Wayne, Yung Nusense has made a name for himself with his versatile sound and ability to create good music to any type of beat.

In an exclusive interview, Yung Nusense shared his creative process, which involves going through every beat, listening to the melodies, piano keys, 808s, and other elements. He has to feel the beat and connect with it before starting his writing process, which involves crafting the cadence and storyline of the lyrics. Yung Nusense draws inspiration from his mother, who taught him to keep pushing himself and to always keep God first.

Yung Nusense’s latest single, “Projects,” was released on December 24th, and talks about his journey from where he came from to where he is going in life. The rapper is currently working on his upcoming EP, “Da Prelude,” set to be released in March or early April. Yung Nusense’s ultimate goal is to sell out the Madison Square Garden Arena and travel overseas to perform.

Yung Nusense has not yet worked with any mainstream artists but hopes to collaborate with Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Roddy Rich, and Lil Wayne in the future. He writes his own material and comes up with most of his video concepts, depending on his creativity. Yung Nusense engages with his fans through social media, showcasing his versatility by rapping to different types of beats and promoting his music on all platforms.

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