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Upcoming Artist P.Candi Is Pushing Her Way To The Top

What is your name/stage name?

Where are you from?
I’m from the Bull City! Durham NC – Permanent home QUEEN CITY!
Charlotte, NC. Fun facts behind this – I am a Queen of course
and I love Cats, and Charlotte is CAT city. Charlotte Area
Transit System, the Lynx, the Panthers and we need the
Bobcats back no Hornets…lmao

What do you do?
A lot of Reading, Continuous Education, and talking. Part
of the reason I rap is to get what i have learned out. And talk…LOL

How long have you been making music?
I started on soundcloud with “Pretty on Fleek” and my “No MakeUp”
campaign in December 2015. I released my first album on
all platforms Jan 15th, 2020.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?
That’s a hard question and to answer it truthfully would mean I dont
have a singular biggest inspiration. I draw from many sources – from
Little Miss Flint to J.Cole to Daryl Davis to Malcolm and Martin to
Greta Thunberg to AOC etc. Anyone empowering and intelligent and
working the greater good of societal advancement. That list is
not inclusive but hopefully depicts the range.

What genre of music do you create?
Rap. Pop Hop. Hip Hop.

What was it like working with (collabs?)
I take Andre 3000s approach and work with those I like so
it’s ALWAYS FUN! Eaz tha Rapper and Trooskii
are my favorite collabs.

What are some features you have?
Only Fans with Trooskii, Like Dat & Ode to Side
Chicks with Eaz tha Rapper.

What are some features you want to get?
Whatever makes sense and will have the best impact.

Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with?
Dolla RIP. I liked where he was going and I think we
would have made Bangerz.

Are you signed to a label?
No Label

Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or none?
Distribution deal

Who are your biggest supporters?
Eaz Tha Rapper – My Celebrity Chef – SWG – and the random
people who listen to my music without promotions. They
outnumber friends and family. Thank you strangers!

Where did your name come from?
My name comes from my first initial of my first name and how
they butchered my last name. I love chocolate candy, and am
very sweet (Nickname Sweet P). Plus it sounds like a

What are you currently working on?
LICK IT UP! I release same dates every year starting in 2020.
Edibles series 4/20. Jawbreakers 1/15. Lick It Up on National
Lollipop Day 7/20. Guaranteed 7 songs each

What is your latest release?
Edibles II.

When is your next release?

Instagram / Twitter:
@itsmepcandi on ALL social media

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