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The Three Inspirations Of Gian Pietro Beltrando

Rising musician Gian Pietro Beltrando has gained a following in Piedmont, Italy for his unique sound and style. Unconventional, fiercely independent, and a music lover since childhood; Gian decided early that a daily nine-to-five grind was not for him.

With this, he decided to leave his childhood comune of Savigliano at just sixteen years old for the picturesque scenes and deep musical history of nearby Piasco. Here, he quickly became successful as a self-made entrepreneur. Piasco’s influence pushed Gian to take a leap of faith, and he was soon balancing a double life as businessman and budding musician.

Below, Gian shares the three musical genres that contributed to his unique style and his popularity today.

1. Modern Alternative and Pop

At 25 years-old, Gian grew up with the music of the Gen-Z and Millennial generations. These styles are defined by their extreme fluidity and variability, with popular artists readily bending and intersecting different genres. Gian shares this way of combining various musical forms as one of his biggest inspirations, and is apparent in almost all of his work.

Gian mentions powerhouses like Coldplay, Taylor Swift, and BTS as some of his major inspirations. For Gian, these artists exemplified how modern musicians can pick and mix whatever works from different genres in order to make a unique sound.

2. Resurgence of Italian Pop

Aside from the above, another of Gian’s experiences with music growing up is the resurgence of Italian pop and pop-rock. In its modern forms, these genres became much closer to their global counterparts. However, they maintained a unique “Italian” sound based on their roots in folk music and other traditional forms. Gian says he tries to achieve a similar Italian distinctiveness for his work, no matter how much he may draw from other genres.

3. Classical Italian Romantic Tradition

Another way Gian Pietro Beltrando tries to achieve a distinct sound is by drawing from the deep musical history of his country to add a unique twist to his songs. In fact, Gian states that he sees each of his songs as a form of modern classical orchestra combining a variety of styles and instruments in a harmonious whole.

This unique blend of genres have distinguished Gian in the local Piedmont scene. Today, he hopes to soon bring his music to a wider audience by releasing his first full album on major streaming sites world wide.

You can learn more about Gian Pietro Beltrando on Facebook and Instagram @g_b__7.

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