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Spotlight Interview: Money$ign D – A Rising Hip-Hop Talent

Welcome to our Spotlight Interview series where we bring you closer to the artists you love and introduce you to up-and-coming talents! Today we have an exciting artist from Reno, Nevada, Money$ign D.

Q: Let’s start with an introduction. What’s your name or stage name?

Money$ign D: Money$ign D

Q: That’s a catchy name! Where are you from, Money$ign D?

Money$ign D: I’m from Reno, Nevada.

Q: Reno! That’s cool. Besides music, what else do you do?

Money$ign D: I manage a restaurant.

Q: When did your journey in music start?

Money$ign D: I’ve been making music for about 4 years now.

Q: What was your first song or project that you put out there?

Money$ign D: My first project was a song called “Better Days”.

Q: “Better Days” sounds promising. What or who is your inspiration in music and life?

Money$ign D: Life-wise, my family and my daughter are my inspiration. Musically, I am inspired by The Jacka.

Q: So, you mainly create hip hop and underground rap. Is that correct?

Money$ign D: Yes, that’s correct.

Q: That’s an exciting genre! Are there any unique features to your music-making process?

Money$ign D: Yeah, I have the ability to make a song with any beat in less than 10 minutes.

Q: That’s incredible! Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with?

Money$ign D: I’d love to work with Berner.

Q: Are you currently signed to a label?

Money$ign D: No, I’m not.

Q: What’s your ideal plan? A record deal, a distribution deal, or none?

Money$ign D: I’m aiming for a record deal.

Q: Who would you say are your biggest supporters?

Money$ign D: My family and friends have always been my biggest supporters.

Q: When it comes to your material, do you write your own songs?

Money$ign D: Yes, I write all of my own material.

Q: How about visuals? Do you create your own music video concepts?

Money$ign D: Yes, I do.

Q: What kind of music do you enjoy listening to in your spare time?

Money$ign D: I love listening to rap.

Q: You mentioned you are currently working on an EP Album. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Money$ign D: I can’t reveal much, but it’s going to be a collection of some of my best work yet!

Q: What is your latest release and when was it launched?

Money$ign D: My latest release was on 6th of June, 2023.

Q: Can we expect anything new soon?

Money$ign D: Yes! My next release is on the 14th of June, 2023.

Q: That’s exciting! Where is one place you dream of traveling to perform?

Money$ign D: I would love to perform in Miami, New York, and Paris.

Q: Have you had the chance to perform in front of a big audience yet?

Money$ign D: Not yet, but I’m working towards it.

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