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Sophia Treadway’s KissNTell Is Coming Soon

American and Mexican pop sensation Sophia Treadway is blending genres in ways that are both refreshing and edgy. Her single “Close To Me” has elements of Pop, R&B, EDM and even a touch of Hip-Hop, all done tastefully. With that big pop sound and a fresh face like Justin Bieber, a style sense influenced by the likes of Billie Eilish, fans are gravitating to her similar to how they are Olivia Rodrigo. Sophia currently has over 300,000 streams on Spotify – on her way to being one of the biggest female independent artists in the country. Sophia’s success doesn’t come without her share of work – she has been developing with Grammy winner Autumn Rowe, who has been by the side of the artist for the last five years, crafting these perfect pop, yet edgy singles. Sophia said “I am blessed to have a family and music team that are truly interested in helping me grow as an artist. C-Ray, Marc E. Williams, and Autumn Rowe have helped me develop as an artist and a human from the inside out – I couldn’t be more grateful about the opportunity I have in front of me”. Sophia’s latest single “Close to Me” is out on Spotify, and she’s gearing up for her biggest release yet in the coming months: KissNTell.

Connect with Sophia on her socials Below:

I’m Good (Official Music Video) 



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