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Songwriter Pedro Reis Keeps His Spirits Up With Constant Creative Output

Hearing others say they can’t do something well crushes most people’s spirits. The desire for external approval has suffocated many dreams before they ever begin.  Chasing the spotlight has never been the aim for budding rapper Pedro Reis. In fact, proving that he can execute his dreams without bending the knee to the pressure of mainstream appeal has only served as a catalyst to further fortify his independent workmanship and drive.


This Canadian talent is not your average performer,  his grit, decisiveness, and perseverance, are all driving forces in his life, allowing him to return to the studio with bigger barriers to break and new limits to crush.


Reis’ obsessive passion for music began at a young age. Nobody thought he’d be able to do anything with it. As a result, a career in music was never something he ever believed he would be pursuing.  Despite the voices in his head,  he was unfazed by the criticism and endured in chasing his passion––persisting to stay true to himself while still paying tribute to where he came from.


From a career standpoint,  Pedro Reis has proven that he is in it for the long term. His outstanding ability to produce noise and exceptional art has brought him this far, thus it’s inevitable for his star power to remain the same. We anticipate increased personal engagement, extensive digital promotion, and more appearances in the public space this year.


Keep an eye out for this budding artist, and stream his music on all platforms.

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