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Shootagang WIlo: The Emerging Talent in the World of Music


Shootagang WIlo is a talented rapper from New Bedford, Massachusetts, who is quickly making his mark in the music industry. Despite only being in the industry for three years, WIlo has been consistently releasing music that has caught the attention of many. WIlo’s music often features his unique blend of rap, drill, and R&B, which has gained him a large following.

WIlo’s passion for music started at a young age, and his brothers and uncles were his main inspiration. His debut project “Poetry Love” showcased his ability to create lyrics that spoke to the heart, and the project received positive reviews from his fans.

One of WIlo’s most significant strengths is his ability to collaborate with other artists seamlessly. His features with Project ant, Shootagang Jaymoney, and Shootagang Jdot have helped WIlo increase his fan base and reach new audiences. He is also determined to collaborate with other musicians in the future, naming Pnb Rock or Xxxtentacion as artists he would like to work with.

While WIlo is not currently signed to a label, he is seeking a record deal. WIlo has been putting in the work, producing his music and writing his lyrics. He is determined to succeed and is confident that a record deal will help him reach his goals.

WIlo has stated that his biggest supporters are his brother Shootagang Jaymoney and his uncles. They have been instrumental in encouraging him to pursue his music career and supporting him throughout his journey. WIlo’s commitment to his music is evident in the quality of his work, and he plans to continue creating music that resonates with his audience.

In five years, WIlo sees himself and the Shootagang members living their best lives, happy and content in a big mansion. The Shootagang members have a bright future ahead of them, and WIlo’s determination to succeed will ensure he is here to stay.


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