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Seasoned performer, “Dee Universe” sits down for an interview with Maxed Hip Hop.

1. What’s your name?
a: Daniel Nwman aka Dee Universe
2. Where are you from?
a: I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I was brought up in Baytown, Texas and ive spent the last decade in Nashville, Tennessee.
3. How old are you?
a: I am 35
4. When did you start making music?
a: I started writing music when i was about 12 years old.  Ive been producing hip hop and electronic music for the last 2 years.
5.How serious are you about your career?
a: I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life.  I’ve always wanted to do something creative for a living but I spent most of my life struggling in the restaurant industry. The pandemic really gave me a chance to evaluate my life’s work and decide to do something about it.  I’ve learned more about music theory, and business in the last 2 years than most would consider possible.  I’ve devoted at least 6 hours a day when I’m busy and on any other day I will squeeze in at least 10 -15 hours of work trying to do the very thing I used to believe was impossible.  So the short answer is : if it comes down to it, I will die attempting to create my life around music. That’s  how serious I am. If I have to try for 75 more years to no avail, then so shall it be.
6.Have you ever thought about quitting music?
a: Of course. When I was younger and facing the first of many financial hurdles that come with existing in this world. I moved to Nashville in 2008 and almost immediately stopped playing live shows and was very humbled by the level of talent and skill the average musician has in this town. However I never quit writing music. That is something I never considered quitting. It’s just not possible. I believe that writers are usually transmitters of things we get from outside of this realm..Seldomly does creating something feel like i’m in control of what comes out.  There is no way I could stop writing music unless I lost all ability to express it.
7. Who inspires you the most?
a: My little brother, Zachary. He has accomplished so much at such a young age.  A professional opera singer, with a masters in performance. He has achieved a level one Sommelier (wine expertise) and found a way to tie all those things together in a pretty successful podcast. “Eat. Drink. Opera” But what really inspires me about him is his ability to be  himself without caring what anyone thinks about him. It’s a real super power he actually has been blessed with from birth. I strive to be more like him in his regard.
8. What got you into making music?
a: I was raised in a musical household.  We took choir very seriously and for my two siblings that went that route it seemed to be a good investment.  I was different, however. I started writing music on my acoustic when I was about 12  and  started a band that played through my highschool years to some surprising hometown hero success.  I started the Dee Universe project about two months into the pandemic and I was certain I was never turning back again. I figured if i did this for years and years and never made it then i would consider that time worth spent but quickly i began to feel like i may have a really unique and important thing to offer the world.
9. Who is your favorite producer?
a: Hard to choose one so i will give you my top 3 :
    1 Kenny Beats
     2 Pharrell
     3 MF Doom
10. What is one of your best songs / beats
a: Rome , although it was made early on in my journey it still stands up to be one of the better tracks but there are so…so so many more.
     Beyond, Money Worth, Odysee, Make Believe all of these and more i truley treasure.
11.Are you signed to a record or label?
a: No. I put Zen City Records on my songs in hopes to buy the LLC and start my own eventually.
12. Have you ever performed?
a: Yes, just not as Dee Universe.  I am dying to get back on the stage.  Currently my partner and I are working on the setlist and legistics of how to perform our tunes.
13., Who would you most likely collaborate with?
a: I am down to collaborate with almost anyone. My music spans a wide variety of genres and I love almost all types of music. My dream collaboration would be with Jacob Collier or the rapper/producer Jon Wayne.
14.  If you could open for any artist who would it be?
a: Anderson Paak
15 What’s next for you?
a: My new single Odysee comes out tomorrow. I have so much more coming behind that but in the meantime I will finish my live show and get crackin on making some local fans and finding more talented people to collaborate with.

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