Scarface’s Stylish Golf Collection in Adidas x Malbon Collab

In a groundbreaking fusion of hip-hop and golf culture, legendary rapper Scarface has teamed up with Adidas and Malbon for a fashion collaboration inspired by Bing Crosby’s iconic golf attire. Scarface took to Instagram to showcase the innovative golf apparel, declaring, “@adidasgolf and @malbongolf have changed the game – golf apparel has a new flavor and it’s phenomenal!”

The collection, designed by Dylan Moore, creative director at Adidas Golf, draws inspiration from the rich golf fashion catalog of the 30s and 40s, as well as vintage photographs from Bing Crosby’s famous Clambakes. Moore explained, “The entire collection is an ode to what golf and fashion became at that time in history but also celebrates how those same characteristics and fashion styles from that time still live on with golfers today.”

This unexpected collaboration not only introduces a fresh perspective to golf fashion but also highlights Scarface’s influence beyond the music industry. Stay tuned as the hip-hop icon continues to redefine style boundaries.

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