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RONN On His Song ‘The Story’ Being One Of The Fastest Growing Numbers On Music Charts, “It Makes My Heart Full”


The combination of hard work, self-belief, and consistency never fails. RONN, a music composer, singer, and DJ from Dubai is a perfect example of people who make the world fall in love with them with their passion for work.

RONN arrived from Lebanon to Dubai and became a super successful personality in the music scene. From being the most happening DJ in Dubai to giving back-to-back chartbuster tracks, he has come a long way.  The singer has recently given a list of hits like The Chant, Can and Will, Deeper, and many more. But one of them, ‘The Story’ seems to have touched the hearts of music lovers like no other.

RONN released ‘The Story’ recently and it has already become a sensation among music lovers. The song has become one of the fastest climbing songs on the music charts. Be it Spotify, Apple Music, or Sound Cloud, the song is winning hearts everywhere. Even on social media, it has become viral as many Instagramand TikTok users are enjoying making reels over it.

RONN talks about the song’s success and says it’s amusing to see the song getting so popular. “It’s a great feeling to see millions of people listening to your song on loop and giving you feedback in real-time. I receive thousands of messages every day on social media where people send kind and loving messages. Even my WhatsApp is flooded with appreciative messages and reading them makes my heart full,”

RONN also adds that he considers himself extremely lucky to have got a huge and loyal fan following who always embrace his music so warmly. RONN promises that he’ll work harder now and will bring greater music for his fans in the future. “I am continuously working to expand my musical horizon. The positive feedback from everyone has always worked like fuel and I promise everyone to offer more and even better tracks in the future.”

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